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  1. Day One, Month One – Start looking at properties; get pre-qualified for a mortgage of $[amount]
  2. Day Four – Enlist the assistance of a Buyer’s Realtor
  3. Day One, Month Two – Find dream property
  4. Day Two – Your Realtor makes an offer to the Seller’s Realtor (subject to a satisfactory home inspection)
  5. Week Two, Month Two – Home Inspection reveals no problems
  6. Week Three – Realtors negotiate and parties agree to sales contract; buyer contacts closing company
  7. Week Four – Closing company accepts work and sends out confirmation letters to buyer, buyer’s realtor, seller, seller’s realtor, and the lender.
  8. Day One – Month Three – A title search is conducted at the Public Records Office. This report will inform the parties whether there are any liens on the property or restrictions upon the use of the property.
  9. Day Two – Month Three – The lender requires that a Survey Inspection be conducted. A licensed surveyor visits the property and conducts this inspection.
  10. Day Three – Month Three – Following receipt of the title search, the closing company sends the lender a Commitment for Title Insurance.
  11. Day One – Month Four – The lender receives the Commitment for Title Insurance and approves the loan.
  12. Day Two – Month Four – A date is set for the closing and all parties are notified. The closing company prepares a package of information for the closing.
  13. Day One - Month Five – The closing takes place. The Mortgage Deed is registered with the Public Records Office. After recording, the Title Insurance Policy is issued. The Mortgage Deed is then sent to the lender and the Owner’s Title Policy will be sent to the buyer.